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3’3” wide X 7’7” High 


Vertical garden surface
21 SqFt


Thickness of the frame



Depth at the base


Frame material

Stainless steel frame and stainless steel tank mounted on 4 wheels


Plants quantities
+/- 110 Plants


Tank capacity
31 Gallons


110 V / 60Hz

60 watts

10Ft of power cord with grounded plug



Included                                                             Material Furnished with the Modular Vertical Garden

Submersible irrigation pump                              ¼ Gallon of Hydroponic Nutrient (NPK: 7-4-10)

Irrigation Timer                                                   1 Staple Gun
Irrigation Line                                                      Stainless steel staples box
PVC board (Structural Support)                          Scissor
Special Felt (growing support)                           25 sq/ft of special felt material for replacement or patch
Operator manual

6 to 8 weeks


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We will submit you the plants selection.


plantwalldesign is a company that specializes in creating and designing customized live vertical gardens, plant walls, green walls and botanical advertising using a patented hydroponic technology.

Our plantwalldesign can be installed indoors and outdoors and enhances the beauty of any space it inhabits.

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